WhiteKnight in Space?!

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Yes, it’s true, you have read that correctly.

Anglian White Knight

Anglian White Knight - This one isnt going into space

Unfortunately its not the Anglian White Knight, the WhiteKnight two is actually the name of the Virgin mothership which guides SpaceShip two 45,000 feet into the air before it is released to shoot off to the moon.

As some of you may know people across the globe are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds to go into space and visit the moon, and Virgin boss Richard Branson is heading the idea of having a tourist trip to achieve this.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson Excited about Space Adventure

Virgin Galatic has been doing tests on the spaceships that will eventually take these lucky, rich people into the wonders of space. The latest test has seen that SpaceShip two, the ship made to carry 6 passengers into space can fly solo successfully, after it is taken higher than Mount Everest by its mothership, WhiteKnight two.

At 45,000 feet Spaceship two was released, and flew freely for 11 minutes, proving the ship can handle itself in flight. It had only ever flown attached to the mothership before this, so it is a big step closer to getting the space fanatics to this amazing destination.

The next vital test, as it has now passed the detach, glide and landing tests, will be using the rocket on SpaceShip two to get it into space safely. The tests on the rockets will start off light, but become more intense the closer they get to leaving the atmosphere.

Should these tests be successful you will expect to pay around a “tiny” £125,000, but this hasn’t proved to be a stumbling block for some people as 370 people have already paid a deposit!

Your departure location would be New Mexico where a space station is already in construction, with officials of Virgin Galatic gathering to celebrate the opening of the runway on Friday 22nd October. The ceremony will also have a flyover from Whiteknight two and SpaceShip two.

Would you want to go into space? Have you got a ticket?

I hate flying so doubt I would be able to handle going into space, even if I could afford a ticket!

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