Which? Challenges Energy Companies Deals

By on 20th October in Home Inspiration

Consumer group Which? has been investigating 6 energy companies in the UK, with them concluding that they are not offering the cheapest deals to customers who want to switch supplier.

This news is not what we want to be hearing, in times when energy prices are continuously rising, and our wages are not, we all want to be saving as many pounds and pennies as possible.

The study claims that in a third of the calls, the staff did not outline the cheapest tariffs available. Which? is also concerned about some of the advice offered about potential savings. A lot of energy companies no longer have doorstep salesmen to encourage us to call for advice or to switch supplier.

Which? tested the energy companies

Which? phoned 6 companies, 12 times asking for the cheapest deal. Southern Electric mentioned the cheapest deal 3 times and EDF offered it 5 times out of 12. Scarily, the exit fees for leaving an energy contract were not mentioned in a third of all calls, with Scottish Power failing to tell the consumer about it 9 times in 12!

The study found a few inconsistencies also, which would give a good deal to one customer, but not to another.

However, despite all of the doom and gloom of higher energy prices and winter approaching, there are good deals out there, you just need to make sure you do your research and ask lots of questions. Switching may not be the cheapest or best option for you, so the more you ask, the more information you get, and you get closer to making the best decision for your home.

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