What to Do During a Home Renovation

By on 13th February in Home Inspiration

This is the second part of a three part article discussing what you should be thinking about, preparing or doing during a major renovation in your home. The last article covered what you should be doing to prepare for an installation of a new bathroom, kitchen, conservatory or even windows and doors.

During Renovation

If you are planning a large renovation project, then you may need to consider the idea that you may not be able to stay in your home whilst building work is underway. Therefore it’s probably best you not only account for your material costs, labour, fittings and furnishings but also the displacement costs that could result from the building works.

If you’ve chosen to undertake a major renovation project, such as renovating the basement, loft, kitchen or bathroom, remember to always take and double take measurements of all the areas involved. Knowing how much space you have available will make it easier when it comes to selecting the elements, fittings and soft furnishings to go into those renovated spaces once the building work is complete.

Home inside being renovated

Try to keep on top of the building project, especially if you are outsourcing work. You’ll want to make sure that you’re a friendly face around the place and that the workers can approach you if something crops up. If you’re out at work all day and can’t get back in your lunch break, then remember to leave a couple of emergency contact numbers, and if you’re friendly with a neighbour who’s at home some of the day then ask them to keep an eye on things.

During the build, remember to keep kids out of work areas, a construction area can be extremely dangerous for children – with an array of power tools, nails, saws and more. If you have young children then why not try a child safety gate at every entrance surrounding the work area. Children are curious so even with the gates up it’s important to keep a closer eye on them than usual!

Head on over to What to Do After a Home Renovation, the final instalment about what you should be preparing and organising once your renovation is complete.

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