View through a December window

By on 17th December in Home Inspiration

Here is the next in our monthly blogs with a view from a window.

Wherever you live, there is a view that will appeal to everyone for all sorts of reasons; whether it is for the sky, the architecture or the countryside dressed in its favourite colours for the time of year.

Here are pictures from my lounge window taken a couple of years ago of a snow covered garden  on a crisp and bright day in December, with a wonderful blue Norfolk sky.

The south facing garden, with the view drifting off into the mist is across an old WWII RAF airfield.  The dents in the snow are where my two dogs had been running around in the garden enjoying the feel of the snow on their paws.



Each month we will look to show the beauty of the changing seasons on our gardens.   We’d love it if you would share your garden vistas with us.



We will be sharing photos of our gardens, which will hopefully inspire you to share your gardens with us, so get snapping!

You can send these pictures to us via Twitter (@anglianhome), to our Facebook page or you can send them to [email protected] and our favourites will be used in our future Window view blogs.

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