Utilities ruling highlights energy efficiency importance


Double glazing and other energy efficiency techniques could grow in importance as a minister rules out an inquiry into utilities prices. Many of us have felt the pinch this winter with the constant rise in prices and this looks like it will continue well into 2010.


The question is what can we as home owners do to try and stem the tide of the continuing price increases. Investing in replacement windows such as double glazing can boost the energy efficiency of a property and which looks set to become even more important in the foreseeable future. Solar panels, cavity wall installation and other home improvements can also help save the pennies. For more information on what improvements you could do at home please click here for our downloadable guide.

Over the past couple of years, a number of MPs and consumer groups have been vocal in their criticism of steadily-increasing utilities prices, with many households across the UK struggling to pay for their gas and electricity bills.

However, despite such arguments, the government has now ruled out launching an inquiry into the fact that bills keep on rising while the wholesale cost of gas has been falling, the Press Association has reported. This is disappointing news!

Speaking in the House of Commons, junior energy minister David Kidney acknowledged that many Britons are currently having a hard time heating their homes, though he stated that there are no plans in place to investigate the pricing policies of the big suppliers.

“I don’t think that what’s needed at the present time is a referral to the Competition Commission for the whole energy market,” he said.

Should prices not come down, many more homeowners could look into investing in energy efficient home improvements to improve the efficiency of their properties. Last year we wrote a 5 step guide to insulating your home and hopefully this will give you some alternative ideas on what you could do.

Recently, the Energy and Climate Change Committee suggested that the government could do more to help encourage home energy efficiency work.

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