UPVC windows: Energy bill could cut carbon

By on 20th November in Home Inspiration

New legislation could help the UK to reduce its carbon emissions.

On Wednesday 18th November the Queen’s Speech saw the announcement of an energy bill, which is meant to help cut the country’s carbon emissions, which could interest people thinking of investing in energy-efficient double glazing.



The Blog Team are hoping that this could include an endorsement for schemes like the Glass and Glazing Federation’s  proposed National Window Scrappage Scheme

Her Majesty said in her speech to parliament that the government would seek collaborations with other countries in order to combat climate change at events like the upcoming Copenhagen summit.

Ed Miliband, the climate change secretary of the UK, said: “Carbon capture and storage [CCS] is a key technology to tackle climate change and […] this bill sets up a new CCS Incentive to support the development of up to four commercial-scale CCS projects in the UK.”

The bill is also meant to aid the government as it attempts to fulfil its commitment to the 2008 Climate Change Act and reduce CO2 emission by 80 per cent in time for 2050.

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