Toyota To Use Solar Power

By on 13th June in Home Inspiration

More and more companies are jumping on board the solar train, this time it’s Toyota. They are planning to run their factory in Derbyshire off 17,000 photovoltaic solar panels.

The £10 million project will generate 4.6 million kilowatts of energy every year, saving a massive 2,000 tonnes of carbon, helping the government’s targets nicely.

Toyota to be fitted with Solar panels

This solar project will be the first of it’s kind in this type of facility, taking full advantage of the 90,000 square metres of industrial land, which will produce 7,000 cars worth of energy each year.

Toyota UK is keen on reducing the companies carbon footprint, especially as the car industry is a big contributor to carbon emissions. The plant in Burnaston builds the eco-friendly Auris hybrid, Auris and Avensis models of Toyota, so being run on solar power will only improve their green credentials.

British Gas will be installing and funding the photovoltaic solar panels, with energy production due to commence in July, meaning they benefit from the current Feed-in-Tariff.

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