A Tour of 742 Evergreen Terrace – Celebrating 25 Years of The Simpsons

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Can you believe that the most famous family in the world have been blessing our screens for 25 years? Ay caramba! In celebration of this, we’re taking you on a journey through their humble abode – an actual, full size version that was built in 1997.

Yes, a replica of the Simpson’s house was built as the main prize of a competition, however, the winner chose a cash-prize alternative (d’oh!) so the house was stripped of its character and sold as a run of the mill 4 bedroom house.

Everything in this home is relatively bright (an intentional decision so when flicking through channels you knew instantly what programme was on) – pink walls, yellow curtains, bold brown sofa, blue carpet, green ceiling, even the external walls are yellow! This was a perfect replica in every way possible right down to the wonky picture of a boat Marge painted.

The Tour

The entrance hallway with the staircase that has seen the majority of the family fall down at some point. Most memorable time being when Lisa babysits Bart who dislocates his elbow after a nasty fall…

The staircase

Numerous family meetings have happened here in the front living area of the house, as well as hundreds of guests knock on their bay window. The amount of memories created in this room is uncountable from Homer living his ‘final moments’ in here watching the sunrise after eating poisonous puffer fish, to seeing Ned Flanders waving with a “howdidly doodily”.

The simpsons fireplace

The main living room is probably the most iconic of the entire production. It is the main gathering area of the family during the intro of each episode; it has had so many guests, pranks, mishaps, transformations and beer spilt on it that the sofa is probably just as recognisable as the people who sit on it.

The Simpsons living room

Mmmm the kitchen…this is probably Homer’s favourite room in the house as it is the place he can find food and most importantly Duff beer, “the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems”. The kitchen has been at the centre of some hilarious ongoings – Homer building a herb rack, fixing the toaster and ending up drunk; Marge cleaning, cooking and putting out fires; Bart prank calling Moe’s Tavern, with Lisa becoming addicted to the Corey Hotline and Maggie eating from Santa’s Little Helper’s food bowl.

The Simpsons kitchen

The dining room has seen many a serious conversation at meal times as well as many big names dropping in for dinner including Krusty the Clown, Mayor Quimby, Monty Burns, Charles Heathbar (Ricky Gervais), Sideshow Bob, Herbert Powell (Danny DeVito), Troy McClure and Leon Kompowsky (Michael Jackson!).

The dining room

Next is the Simpson boudoir; where the magic happens, where Homer eats his pillows in his sleep, takes food to bed and has numerous in depth conversations with his beloved wife, Marge. The bright coral painted bedroom probably doesn’t follow our guide to the perfect bedroom ambience, but why change something that has had years of quality sleep with a happily married couple?

The master bedroom

The final stop is the driveway, where car brakes always seem to fail and Homer miraculously escapes death (unless it’s a Halloween special). It’s a standard driveway with room for two cars, but it is an area of the house that has probably had every single Springfield citizen set foot on it, what with there being a protest or gathering every other episode!

The Simpsons garage

There are no doubts that this house is legendary and will be loved by millions worldwide. The question I have for you is, would you have taken the cash alternative or would you have lived in The Simpson’s house?

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