A Toilet Roll Iceberg and Other Bathroom Catastrophes

By on 26th February in Home Inspiration

Last year, a combination of fat, baby wipes and toilet roll, roughly the same size as a bus, was found lurking in the London sewage system.


Read more about this 15 tonne sewer monster if you want, but we’re interested in ways you can stop things like this happening and potentially effecting your own home.

Waste-ways in the bathroom

The bathroom is arguably the main room in our home where we take some time to relax, unwind and indulge…but are we over indulging when it comes to our energy and water usage and waste?

So now the time has come for us to come clean and own up to our bathroom eco-faux pas and raise our shower heads to a more environmentally friendly future for our bathrooms.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the main offenders and how you can make some simple changes that will make a huge difference not only to the planet but also to your wallet.

Having a mini-bath every time you brush your teeth


We’ve all been guilty of brushing our teeth with the tap on, going for a wander then coming back three minutes later to actually use a bit of the water you’ve had running the whole time. Leaving the tap on whilst brushing can waste up to 5 gallons of water a day! The same goes for those of us who are guilty of leaving the shower on a little longer to get the creases out of clothing…not that we really do that or anything…


Flushing an iceberg of toilet roll every time you go

It may sound a little bit obsessive, but giving your family members a recommended number of squares to use each time they go can help resist the notion of simply pulling off a load each time, and therefore you’ll be saving the planet one square at a time. Look for toilet rolls made from sustainable sources too; particularly those brands that replant trees that they use to manufacture the rolls.

Buying half of the local pharmacy’s bath products

Ingredients in most popular body lotions and potions are often filled with ingredients with little/no benefits for your skin, your bank balance or the environment. Many contain preservatives that have been tested on animals, and the ones that are natural may not be produced as part of a fair trade process. Instead, aim to invest in greener products that help protect the planet as well as the people and animals on it.

…and the supermarket’s entire range of cleaning products


Likewise, get clued up on what you’re really putting in your trolley each time you restock your bathroom cleaning cupboard. Most household cleaners are jam packed with harmful chemicals that are not only a danger to your skin, but also to the air. You could purchase organic cleaning products or even have a go at making your own!

Bottling it up – vent efficiently!



Fans are a vital part of the bathroom as steam and moisture will need to be controlled in order to avoid unattractive – and sometimes dangerous – mould from festering on the walls, baths and showers. Making a change from your standard fan to a superior Energy Star rated one can save you up to 60% in energy to your standard one, so is a well worthy investment despite only being used once or twice a day.

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