Tips to Read Before you set up your Christmas Tree

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Probably the first thing that comes to mind when we begin preparing our homes for Christmas is the Christmas tree. Picking the right one, stationing it in the right place in the right way, decking it up with lights and precious ornaments are all fun family activities and almost everyone looks forward to enjoying these moments.

While decking up the tree may be something you’ll do well on your own, you may not be that good at picking up a great tree or choosing the perfect spot to place it in your house.

If your holiday skills are limited only to decorating the Christmas tree with baubles and garlands, here is some information that will help you take the more important decisions with wisdom.

Christmas Trees Are All Different

Christmas trees aren’t just real or artificial; there’s more to the types of trees available. Real Christmas trees come in three types- pre-cut, cut your own, or live.

If you’re looking for the freshest of them all, a live tree is your best choice. Live trees are available at nurseries and are either potted, or balled and burlapped. You only need to place a potted tree wherever you want to.If you’re going for a balled and burlapped tree, you’ll need to identify a spot outdoors where you can plant the tree.

If you don’t want a live tree, the closest you can get to having a fresh-looking tree for Christmas is by cutting your own tree.Pre-cut trees will be cut days if not weeks before you actually lay your hands on one. You might also not find a variety of tree species to choose from.

If you cut your own tree, it will remain fresher for longer and won’t mess up your home by drying out and dropping needles as much as a pre-cut tree will. Drier trees are also more prone to catch a fire.

christmas tree


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Deciding on the Right Tree can be Difficult

The type of tree you want to purchase depends largely on where you intend to place it. If you plan to place a tree indoors, avoid choosing a very large tree. Small or medium-sized potted or artificial trees are perfect for indoor use.

If you have enough outdoor space, you may want to set up a large-sized tree there. You may want to consider planting a live tree or placing a cut or artificial tree. Several people plant live trees in their gardens instead of investing in new trees every year. If you already have a beautiful garden, a live Christmas tree will add to the existing charm. If you have installed synthetic residential or commercial application grass in your backyard, you can go for a potted Christmas tree. Be sure to select an indigenous variety so that it can grow well. You’ll also need to take extra care of a live tree during this season.

A Live Tree Must be Looked at in Detail

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Apart from the size of a live tree, you need to look at the shape and the freshness of the tree. A fresh tree will have green pliable needles and very few dry, brown ones. Furthermore, some varieties of trees tend to lose their needles as soon as the tree is cut. Rub your hand along a branch and see if its needles fall of readily.

While Christmas trees are supposed to be conical, not all of them grow perfectly. You can use shears to get your tree in shape once you take it home. However, consider the shape before you purchase a tree. You can choose a tree that seems perfect from a few angles in case you’ll be placing it in a corner. If you’re planning to place the tree in a way that it will be visible from all sides, either look for perfection, or be ready to snip at it with your shears.

Keep Safety Tips in Mind

You don’t want Christmas time to turn into a disaster of any sort, so be sure to take ample precautions.

  • Whether you bring home a live tree or an artificial one, be sure to place it away from the heater or fireplace. Even appliances such as TVs can heat up significantly and lead to fires, so keep your tree away from them.
  •  Secure the tree firmly so that it doesn’t topple over. If possible, secure the top of the tree to a ceiling hook.
  • If you bring home a live tree, trim the lower branches of so that kids and pets don’t get injured by the sharp needles.
  • Sweep up fallen needles regularly. Do not vacuum as needles can clog your vacuum cleaner.
  • Keep a live tree well-hydrated so that needles stay on longer. A well-hydrated tree is also less prone to catch fire.
  • Tie breakable and delicate ornaments on the upper branches so that children and pets can’t reach them.
  • Try to keep pets away from the Christmas tree. Cats especially, can climb up onto the tree or may be drawn to the lights and any dangling electrical cords.
  • Never leave lights on the tree on unattended. Switch off the lights before leaving the house or going to bed.
  • Hide electrical cords or enclose them in a pet-proof conduit to prevent pets from gnawing on them.

Artificial and live trees both have their pros and cons. Choose either of them; both will add equal charm to your home during the festive season. Be sure to consider your needs well before you buy one.

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