The summer of 2010 could be the perfect time to make eco-friendly home improvements.


It looks set to be another hot weekend therefore no need to heat your home as you can just relax in nature’s warmth from the sun.

Sunny Day

People all over the country will be enjoying the weather and warmth from their homes conservatory as well. It’s the perfect opportunity to sit down, relax, read a good novel and utilise the conservatory as the ultimate in summer rooms.

Enjoying the summer in your Anglian conservatory


Thinking about it this summer could be the perfect opportunity for people to invest in energy-efficient home improvements and according to two experts, they think that serious money can be saved in the process. People also use technology like solar thermal and photo voltaic to convert the suns energy into heat or power.

Dr Hasim Altan, from the University of Sheffield, and Emma Thompson, from E.ON, said that because there is no need to have heating on during summer, homeowners can use the money they save on bills to invest in things like double glazing.

“Because your heating bills are typically lower because people would have their heating off at this time of year, they can potentially look at spending a little bit more money throughout this summer period to insulate their properties,” stated Ms Thompson.

The expert added that homeowners can save around a third on their heating bills if they properly insulate their property.

A recent study by Dr Altan found that Great Bow Yard in Somerset, where all the homes were built after 2000, was named the UK’s most energy-efficient street. The least energy-efficient house in the UK was thought to be a typical pre-1900 farm house in Shropshire.

Anglian currently offers an energy efficient scrappage scheme where old inefficient windows can be replaced by new efficient ones with money off for your current windows.

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