The Home Improvements You Should Invest in

By on 22nd July in Home Inspiration

Renovating your home can cost a pretty penny, fitting a new kitchen or converting your loft can all add up. By choosing the right projects to invest your money into you will not only be making your home more functional for your use, but you will also be adding value to your home so when it comes to selling your property, you should see the invest returned. has revealed research that suggest more than one in ten (12%) homeowners have spent in excess of £50,000 on their house renovation project, with the most common areas being:

1. The kitchen – 62%
2. The carpets – 61%
3. The bathroom – 61%
4. Cosmetic decoration – 60%

Proving, that renovating your home isn’t something to be undertaken lightly. Here are the tops three home improvement projects that you should invest in for your home:

Bathroom Addition

There has been an increasing demand for en-suite bathrooms over the past few years because people are finding that one family bathroom just isn’t enough. As a result of this demand increase, houses with more than one bathroom are now more desirable and sought after, therefore driving the value of those properties higher.

Bathroom window

Don’t be hasty and convert that third or fourth bedroom that you have even if it is a small box room. Taking away a room that can be listed as a bedroom can in fact significantly decrease the value of your home. The extra value that you gain from the bathroom conversion won’t make up for the loss – take a look at property prices in your area and see the difference in price between properties that have one more bedroom.

If you don’t have any space in your house to add a whole new bathroom, updating your current one can add value to your home as well, particularly if you still have the original peach bathroom suite that was installed when your house was built in the 1950s. Swapping the dull peach suite for a new fresh white one will appeal to a lot more potential buyers.

Energy Efficiency

In 2013 the Department of Energy and Climate Change carried out research on property sales between 1995 to 2011. They found that making improvements to your home that improves its Energy Performance Certificate from a band G to E or D to B, for example, can increase a property’s value by 14% on average, and 38% in some areas of England.

Anglian Triple Glazing

One major efficiency improvement you can make is getting new windows, especially if you have single glazing. Switching to double or triple glazing can reduce your heating costs and save you up to £461 per year according to the British Federation Rating Council.

If you’re looking to update your kitchen make sure you replace any old appliances with more energy efficient ones – the better the rating, the less energy they use, which means the more money saved in household bills. Making sure your home is fully insulated will also improve efficiency, and don’t forget that even your floors can be insulated too!

Extending Your Home

Adding any extra space to your home is guaranteed to increase its value, and when it comes to building an extension onto your home you have a lot of options. Conservatories, single storey, double storey, over garage, garage conversion and extensions to name a few.

It’s important to remember, however, that an extension will only increase the value of your home if you don’t do it at the expense of losing too much of your garden. This can cause your property value to decrease. A big outside space is still just as important to buyers as more space in a home, especially if garden space is sparse in your area.

Anglian Orangery

The appeal of the extension is also a factor you need to think about. There is no point spending your money on a sub-par extension, especially if it makes your house look less attractive – you won’t gain any extra interest in your home and you probably won’t see much in the increase of your property value.

A new contemporary addition such as Anglian’s new Solid Roof Extension is perfect for any home because of its stunning appearance and ability to blend with any type of property.

If you’re looking to minimise the amount of garden space you overtake with an extension, a side extension is a really good option. If you have a small space down the side of your house that is unused because it is too small, then why not use this currently unusable space and extend your home. It will bring in more natural light in, creating a more open and larger feeling room.

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