The Anglian Difference…Is Your Glass ‘A’ Class?

By on 4th February in Home Inspiration

There is nothing worse than having glass in your conservatory that is as weak as a greenhouse, leaving you at risk from breakage and crime, so at Anglian we use the highest quality glass, rated to BS6206.

This glass, which is toughened in our own factory, is the best availabe for security and safety, ensuring you and your family are at the lowest possible risk from seriously injuring yourself should someone collide with the glass.

But what exactly is BS6206 you ask?

Well, The Health and Safety Executive has documented regulation BS  6206 to ensure that the glass is strong enough to withstand a certain amount of impact and if it does break, it does so in a safe controlled manor. Lethal injuries tend to be caused by broken glazing, caused scarring and potentially disabling somebody, which is unnecessary as it can be avoided. BS 6206 simulates the impact of a child running into the window. A 45 kg leather punch bag filled with lead shots is swung into an Anglian Window from three different drop heights. If the glass does not break, or breaks safely, the sample is classified A,B or C. “A” is the highest grade surviving all three heights.

It can withstand up to 2 feet of snow

There are two types of true Safety glass, toughened and laminated. Toughened is cut to size, then heated again to 700ºC before being cooled rapidly, making it 5 times stronger than its original strength. Not only is it stronger, but when it breaks, it shatters into small blunt fragments, rather than the large, sharp pieces it would have before being toughened. I have seen toughened glass break and it is a very weird occurence to watch. When it happened to me it instantly shattered the whole pane, it sounded a little like popcorn then after about 10 seconds it fell out in tiny blunt pieces.

Laminated glass consists of two or more sheets or ordinary glass bonded together with a layer of polyvinyl butryl inbetween the glass and on the outer surface. Although the glass itself is not much stronger, the laminate surrounding the glass absorbs the impact giving added resistance. When a piece of laminated glass is broken a crack tends to occur at the point of impact, unlike toughened glass.

We only install the glass into your  Anglian conservatories that is the safest, most secure glass available to you.

It is not just the glass strength we strive to make the best, we pride ourselves in being the only company to have all parts of BS 6399, which is the code of practise for the structural qualities of the conservatory. The conservatory is built to withstand 0.6 kN load, which is the equivalent to 2 foot of fresh un-compacted snow. Our calculations are especially important when doing an Anglian conservatory Veranda product, not only does it have to withstand downward force, but an upward force of 2 kN at each post, which is put in every 4.5 metres. This upward pressure is the equivalent to 95mph winds or hurricane force 12 on the Beaufort scale!

Anglian Conservatory built to withstand impact and pressure

Anglian is unique as it is the only company which has all the BS 6399 certificates, on our White Knight conservatories, checking our processes for products and construction to the highest of standards, giving you peace of mind that your new Anglian conservatory is going to be the safest, most secure, aesthetic conservatory in the street, completely individual to you.

Anglian Home Improvements raising the standards of conservatories and windows since 1966. Visit our website for more information on an Anglian Conservatory.

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