The Anglian Difference… Is Your Conservatory Too Hot?

By on 8th February in Home Inspiration

If yours is we’re sorry, but the team at Anglian have worked hard to develop our solar roof to reduce the glare, heat and UV rays passing through your beautiful Anglian conservatory roof.

How often during the summer do you go to a friends, want to sit in the early evening summer sun, but its too cold outside, so you move to the conservatory, but after 5 minutes you are saturated due to the heat.

Wouldn’t you just love to be able to enjoy the great sky views during the summer in your conservatory, without being blinded? With the Anglian solaroof, it acts like sunglasses for your conservatory, reducing glare by 80 giving you the chance to spot shapes in clouds. Not only does it reduce the glare, but it can reduce the 68 of the sun’s energy that is directly hitting the roof of your conservatory, rejecting a huge 75 of the energy!

Now, that’s it, a perfect temperature in the conservatory, you’re no longer being blinded, what else could you possibly want? How about reducing the UV penetrating through the roof, making all of your beautiful furniture fade and lose its gorgeous appeal. Anglian Home Improvements have even managed to conquer that problem with the solaroof which reduces UV penetration by 98, giving you peace of mind about your furniture during those summer months.

Solar roof enhancing your conservatory

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