The Anglian Difference…Is your Conservatory as Unique as an Anglian?

By on 1st February in Home Inspiration

Over the coming weeks we are going to focus on explaining a few of the points that makes Anglian truly different from the rest of the industry. We will try to give at least one unique differentiator each day. Hopefully this will show you why more people purchase from Anglian Home Improvements than any other company in our sector.

Our first article will be why Anglian conservatories are unique to your requirements. Anglian will create exactly what you want from your conservatory within the constraints of building regulations, making it specific to you and your location. Invariably it will be a one of a kind conservatory, one you can be really proud of and one to show off to your friends, family and neighbours.

Below are a couple of examples showing how Anglian think differently about your needs and requirements to create something truely individual and something for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Kitchen conservatory conversion

One of our consumers had a dilemma, they wanted to extend their kitchen, but they didn’t want to darken the area which was the original kitchen. So, they gave Anglian a call to see what we could do. Much to their surprise we managed to design an airy, spacious conservatory with a unique wall height that suited them and allowed them to install a kitchen to their exact requirements, maximising the room and allow for some spectacular views of their garden.

By having the extension they wanted built and the kitchen expanding into this beautiful conservatory, it effectively “transformed their lives.”

I personally love this layout, I think the design is divine and I normally don’t enjoy washing up, but with a view like that I would definitely save electricity by not using dishwasher.

An Anglian Conservatory linking the house to the annex

Now, if you thought a conservatory with a kitchen was unique, then check out this gorgeous conservatory with an unusual, individual purpose.

From this picture it looks like a pretty normal, well designed, attractive Anglian conservatory, but it is actually not just an office, it also has the function of joining the annex to the main house. The owners were tired of their guests staying in the annex having to walk in the cold and wet to get into the house, they wanted a warm, aesthetic area to pass through, and possibly a nice office environment to use for “working from home”.

Again, Anglian’s designer assessed their requirements and proposed a unique solution based on our Regency design. This allowed for an entrance to the original kitchen, and into the annex, enclosed the steps to the lower level and provided ample working space for occasional work at home.

Both of these ideas made our advisors think long and hard, the solution a rare design, Anglian stepped up to the plate to deliver the goods. I think the creative behind these ideas are brilliant, the team that helped create these are superb, overcoming the height differences between two buildings. I prefer that office to the one I’m sat in right now!

If you want to stand out in the crowd or have a problem which needs some lateral thinking, try Anglian for our individually made conservatories, we supply and fit more regular shaped conservatories than anyone else, with the same level of care and attention as a less conventional design, but either way you’ll be proud to own your Anglian Conservatory for many years to come. Have you got any crazy, but practical ideas for a conservatory on your house? You now know who to ask.