Have an extra room that is special; have a Panoramic Extension

By on 17th February in Home Inspiration

When I mention ‘Panoramic Extension‘, what’s the first thing that you think which comes to mind?

Fancy word for conservatory?

Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Panoramic Extensions are not conservatories; they are so much more than that! Most people, who think about having an additional room to the house downstairs, normally opt for a conservatory. But you don’t have to go for a one, there is an alternative.

Panoramic Extensions give you loads more space that’s usable for all year round.

Panoramic Extension

Whether you’re thinking about having a playroom for the children so you can keep an eye on them whilst giving the downstairs a quick hoover about, a much needed bigger dinning room area for you to have the family round to sit down at the table and eat that Sunday Roast you’ve slaved in the kitchen for hours, perhaps a second living room for you and your partner to escape to when the kids are arguing over the remote control, or just simply treat it as a another bedroom if you were thinking about bringing in a lodger or if you have frequent guests staying (or in my case, somewhere more peaceful to rest whilst the boyfriend tries his best to snore loudly).

The choices are endless on what you can use it for, as a Panoramic Extension is the perfect solution to open plan living, as in most instances the physical barrier between the house and the extension can be removed.

But it doesn’t stop there, oh no. Every Panoramic Extension is custom made just for you. It’s low maintenance, thanks to our huge experience of window technology. The Extension carries a 15 year guarantee for the sealed units and 10 years for the PVC-U products. Of course, everything will be looked after for you and carried out to the highest standards.

We even sort out the planning permission and 3rd party approvals for you, so you can sit down in front of the TV with a well deserved nice cup of tea, and feel stress free. We also use a specialist building control agency to inspect and certify your building works, to ensure full compliance with building regulations.

And just when you think it couldn’t get better, it does.

We have four basic designs of our Panoramic Extension to choose from: Elizabethan, Regency, Lean To and Victorian. All of these can be built using wall and roofing materials to complement, or contrast if you prefer with a huge range of other choices too.

Fancy having decorative glass for you Panoramic Extension? No problem!

Decorative Glass

Our ADG studios (Anglian Decorative Glass) can create any style (and I do mean any style) of decorative glass to suit you. This is your prefect opportunity to really let your hair down and just let your imagination fly. Why not take a look around your garden to find some plants or flowers  for inspiration, or even perhaps your favourite art, anything you like. Just talk to us and we’ll help you create something completely unique to you.

Now how many building companies do you know who will do that for you?

And if you really wanted to make your Panoramic Extension that little bit more extra special, why not add a roof window?

Roof Window for Panaramic Extension

If you opt for a vaulted roof version then why not let even more light and ventilation into your Panoramic Extension by having opening roof windows aswell. Because they’re central pivot, they’re the most versatile of windows allowing cleaning of both the inner and outer surfaces with ease. Our roof windows can also be fitted with an optional integral blind which is fitted between the two panes of glass and thus, dust and tamper proof which requires no cleaning! Job done.

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