The Anglian Difference – Driveway Driving You Mad?

By on 15th February in Home Inspiration

Is the thought of redesigning and building a new driveway a daunting challenge? Then why not give Anglian a call, as we will organise the whole build from design to construction, leaving you to put your feet up and relax.

At Anglian, we take great care and pride in making sure you have a suitable driveway based on your particular type of subsoil, offering different types of bricks and patterns, focusing on the details and the risks of flooding in your area creating a suitable soakaway.

Although it is primarily the top surface that you see and want to look magnificent, Anglian will pay just as much attention to the surface below the main paving; this is what ensures the top surface looks great for years to come. We do all this work because we understand you want not only the most efficient driveway around but also the most fantastic looking driveway in your neighbourhood.

Due to new legislation to tackle the issues of flooding and other environmental concerns means you may need planning permission, but this is not an issue for Anglian as we will sort all of this out for you. This legislation is in place to ensure your new driveway drains surface water efficiently without contributing to surface run off problems and subsequently increased flood risks.

Driveway soakaway

As leaders in the field, we tackle this issue by taking into account the type of soil and design of your drive. The main way we do this is by constructing an efficient soakaway that can cope with the amount of surface water, even during the heavy storms, or alternatively by using our remarkable Porlock permeable blocks that allow rain water to pass through straight into the prepared sub-surface below. This new technique for soaking up rain water is in line with SUDS.

Should you have the misfortune of using another builder who doesn’t follow regulations you could end up like this picture! By not following regulations you could end up being forced to remove yor nice new driveway, be prosecuted or have council bollards built in front of your drive, whether your car is there or not! 🙁

This could happen to you, if you don't get planning permission!

It is not just because we go to great lengths to protect the environment ensuring there is no flooding or detrimental effects from your driveway.This focus on complying to the law and the environment is why you should use Anglian. The fact that we have six different styles of bricks and many different colours or patterns ensures your Anglian driveway is as truly unique as your home.

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