Sunshine to fight the winter blues

By on 29th November in Home Inspiration

Now that the clocks have changed and the winter chill is definitely here, most of us are bedding down, nesting and making sure that we are all warm and cosy for the winter period.

However, with the seasons seemingly to be mixed up, flowers and plants not knowing if they should be in or out of bloom, you may feel a bit like that too.  For some, that ‘out of sorts’ feeling at this time of year is all too familiar.  They may feel unwell during winter months every year, but not understand why.  If that sounds like you it could be that you are suffering from SAD.

Anglian Conservatory

Sitting in your conservatory during daylight hours helps with the affects of SAD

For those of us that suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) it can affect our bodies, emotions and eating habits in many ways.

If you have not heard of SAD, it is a type of ‘winter depression’ caused by a biochemical imbalance in the brain that affects an estimated 7% of the population between the months of September and April.  Symptoms are associated with a lack of sunshine and daylight hours and can range from a mild discomfort to a debilitating illness.

It affects people living in the northern and southern hemisphere, but it is said to have less of an effect if you live within 30 degrees of the Equator.  Should you be unfortunate enough to suffer from this disorder, help and advice can be found on the SAD website or by visiting your local GP.

It is suggested that sitting near a window in your conservatory or spending time outside in the daylight can help to alleviate the symptoms.  Daylight and sunshine can help to keep your mood high with a positive outlook on life.  When we are happy it enables us to think of the enjoyable things in life that we can do once the weather changes.

Whether you need to prepare your house or your garden to survive another winter or just need to have a bit of a clear out and clean-up, there are lots of ways to ensure you are getting your daily daylight quota.

For me starting to plan changes for the home and garden now, gives me the opportunity to look at designs and ideas and make countless changes before calling in the experts for help in the spring.  Looking at the changes we would like to make to our homes and gardens helps us to focus our minds, gets us out into the limited light during the winter period and may even help to keep the SADness at bay.

Get outside in the daylight hours if you can, but if the weather is lousy why not get the best of both worlds by lazing in the conservatory with a good book?

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