Stylish Room Trends

Lisa Hunt

At this year’s Ideal Home Show at London Olympia, we discovered some of the hottest trends in stylish interiors. Taking our inspiration from the show-stopping room sets from Good Homes Magazine and House Beautiful, we’ve looked at how you can recreate the latest looks in your very own home. 

Stylish Room Trends

Spa-Style Bathroom

To create a spa-style bathroom that rivals Champneys, use a neutral pallete of calming whites and creams to bring elegance and simplicity – and to create a relaxing space for that all-important ‘me time’.   Add natural materials to your bathroom, such as untreated wood, jute and bamboo.  And for the finishing touches, bring the outside in with large or potted house plants, giving your bathroom a zen-like simplicity and making it somewhere you’ll never want to leave!

Vintage Bathroom

Never be afraid to step back in time when looking for inspiration for new trends. Create a vintage-inspired bathroom by experimenting with colour – we love the romantically-retro green and pink in the Ideal Home Show vintage bathroom.  Statement wallpaper, which can be used on part of the wall, can also add personality to a room without being too overwhelming. And for the final finishing touch?  Opt for a stand out piece of furniture, such as a beautiful vintage bath painted to match your scheme.


To create a kitchen-diner that is sure to turn heads, fill the room with colour.  Although it feels safe to turn to beige, white and greys when designing a kitchen, take the plunge and think pink!  Adding a touch of glamour via tonal pinks and incorporating chic curves and luxe gold accents can turn your kitchen-diner from a functional room to a luxurious and enjoyable space.

Living Space and Boot Room

Make a statement with an ultra-inviting living space and boot room that defies convention. Incorporating geometric patterns via wallpaper or soft furnishings is a sure-fire way to bring character to your living space. Bring in furniture from across the eras, and don’t be afraid to use a mix of textures such as faux fur or felt. Embrace the biophilia trend with house plants and modern nature motifs to add the finishing flourish and to create a space which is as stylish as it is welcoming.

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