Solar Industry Growing

By on 8th December in Home Inspiration

The solar panel industry has grown at a phenomenal rate, something many people did not expect.

Everyone is starting to realise how much money they can save by taking up a greener way of living and producing energy, as well as improving the efficiency of their homes, according to

It is not only the savings that is persuading us to install solar panels, it is the return of cash possible, if we install them soon enough.

The feed-in-tariff seems to have had a massive effect on the amount of people interested in solar panels, with photovoltaic panels earning you 41.3p per KiloWatt Hour, a potential yearly income of £770.

However, this tariff may not stay at this good rate for long, there was a review earlier this year of this reward, but luckily for us it is staying the same for now, with another review happening early next year.

Solar House

Earn money by installing solar panels

Have you joined the solar club? Are you earning from your solar panels? Do you think the government will lower the tariff?

Why not join the Royal family in installing solar panels? They recently announced (apart from Will and Kate’s wedding) that they are installing solar panels onto Clarence House roof in an attempt to lead by example towards a eco friendly future.

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