Should People Still Be Living With Single Glazing?


Double glazing has now been around for over 40 years, so it is always a shock to see homes without it. It comes as even more of a surprise when everybody’s purse strings are tighter than ever with rising fuel bills and the cold winters. It is hard to believe that single glazing is still being used in housing, should anyone be living with single glazed windows in 2012?

Thermal efficiency is such an important aspect of double glazed windows, helping to save you money on your bills, year after year and keep you warm through those cold winter months. Having single glazing is literally like throwing money straight out of the window. If you changed your single glazed aluminium windows to Anglian’s A-rated windows, you could save yourself an average of £238! It is crazy to think there are families out there trying to survive with single glazed windows. Their heating bills through winter must be astronomical or they have to spend far more than they should for the same benefit.

EcoGain window

Even cash strapped councils are having to invest in double glazing to provide decent homes, but budgets are being stretched to their limits. Although single glazing does a job, it is one done much better by double glazing. Single glazing can lead to condensation and dripping windows, which can break down the plaster surrounding it and even cause black mould to grow. With councils struggling to find funds for these home improvements, and with potential health issues if they delay, having double glazed windows must be a necessity in every home? How much money is being saved by double glazing from the NHS budget, as people are less likely to suffer from health issues associated with black mould?


Mould can cause allergic reactions, asthma attacks, irritations to your eyes, nose and throat, also affecting your sinuses and your respiratory system. Your chances of catching an infection in your respiratory system increases dramatically when in the presence of mould; bronchitis being a common problem. As mould spores travel through the air, they are inhaled by us, which is why most of the issues caused are to the lungs and passages leading to them. The spores can live and grow on human living tissue, which can cause bigger problems for your body, and if they are mycotoxin producing spores, you may be at risk of toxicity.

Should you have single glazing and you have the issues associated with it, maybe it is time to try and improve your windows? It will improve your homes energy efficiency and protect you against some potential health issues. After all, nobody wants to become ill because of a dodgy window!