Rolls Royce Release Electric Car


Rolls Royce are joining the race for the best eco-friendly car, with their new electric Rolls Royce Phantom. It looks amazing, luxurious and very plush, but can it be a leader in the green market?

Rolls Royce rolling out an electric car

Although it’s currently only a prototype, several cars are being toured across the globe to raise awareness of their new vehicle. It comes with all of the usual perks associated with a Rolls Royce, continuing it’s tradition of  unmatched refinement. The car manufacturers are expecting it to be the quietest, least intrusive engine to date.

This is a great idea, as the amount of governments enforcing restrictions on cars that emit over a given level of CO2 are increasing; an electric Rolls Royce would be perfect, especially to chauffer around the celebrities and more affluent people around the country.

Thanks to the success of the recent release of the electric Mini-E with its ability to use lithium batteries and travel 150 miles, this would be ideal for most Rolls Royce users. The Mini-E’s top speed is 95mph, doing 0-60 in 8.5 seconds, which again would suit an urban version of the Phantom.

Tom Purves, CEO at Rolls Royce, says they will release the V12 Phantom as well as the electric one, claiming the customers would probably buy both, the electric for short journeys, and the petrol for the long distance.

If I could afford one I would be chuffed, let alone two!!

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