Red Tape Challenge

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Energy efficiency is a key area to the world’s sustainability and a key area for all businesses including Anglian Home Improvements. The Department of Energy and Climate Control and the government have paired up to put the energy market through the Red Tape Challenge.

Red Tape Challenge

Energy minister Charles Hendry has put the challenge in place in hope companies, green groups and the general public will help identify ineffective, unnecessary or burdensome regulations.

The DECC aims are to power the country and protect the planet, but its regulatory system has to be as efficient as possible to ensure they meet this demanding target. By listening to people’s opinions and evidence of how businesses work, what isn’t working, they can then help improve areas of the market.

The work has already begun, with the DECC identifying key areas that need to be improved. They currently aim to help smaller suppliers join the energy market by raising the threshold for participation in energy efficiency schemes. This should result in more benefits for customers, helping the market grow. They have also proposed the removal of the Coal & other mines (horses) order 1956 regulation, which protected the welfare of horses and ponies used to go into mines. However, they haven’t used horses in mines for years, so it is not a massive change.

Although, they have simplified the regime for very low level radioactive materials, saving UK businesses more than £1 million a year, which in turn removed a further 18 regulations in the statute book.

If you want to put your ideas forward you have until 30th December. To do this you can either comment on the Red Tape Website or email [email protected] or [email protected]

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