Qatar Solar Clouds

By on 6th April in Home Inspiration

This is another weird and wonderful idea being planned by the organisers behind the Qatar 2022 World Cup. As it’s a super hot country and the World Cup will be held during the summer months, where temperatures can rise to a staggering 41C, scientists have been looking for ways to keep the pitches cooler, with controllable clouds being their solution.

The 4-by-3 metre cloud will run on solar panels floating above the football pitch potentially dropping temperatures by 10 degrees fahrenheit. Dr Saud Ghani, head of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering group at Qatar University told CNN how the design has passed the initial engineering phase and they plan to have the prototype complete by the end of this year to put it through vigorous testing.

The initial plans for the final design of the cloud will be a carbon fibre rectangle the size of a Boeing 747, fitted with solar panels to power the electric engines, and filled with helium to help it float. The cloud will use sophisticated monitoring equipment to track the transit of the sun, then using its electric engines, move to the correct position to shade the stadium, making it more bearable for the players to compete.

It could be a multi-purpose cloud, as it could be installed with cameras and radio transmitters to monitor the area and transmit video from the birds-eye view.

This is such a good idea, especially as when it was announced that Qatar won the 2022 bid, the temperature of the country immediately came under scrutiny, with many players believing it to be too hot to play. It’s good to see the country taking this on board and pulling out the stops to ensure the tournament will be enjoyed by all.


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