9 Vehicles, Churches and Public Buildings that make great Home Conversions

By on 4th March in Home Inspiration

I say public buildings converted into homes, but that blanket term doesn’t cover all of them. We have vehicles, natural rock formations and all sorts of other things which shouldn’t be buildings, but now are. Have a look:

Water Tower Flat

Water towers converted into flats always have good results. These two examples are right at the top though. If you didn’t see the Central London tower conversion on Grand Designs,  here it is.


Understandably, city living may not be for you, so here’s an alternative:

watertower2 watertower1

Religious Buildings

Religious buildings are a common thing that people want to turn into a home. Nonetheless, they still look incredible. Whether you’re religious or not, there’s something about the grandeur of religious architecture that really complements your massive telly and excessively-polished Chesterfield sofa.

Knightsbridge Church

Developers Rigby & Rigby got their hands on a £50 million church, right in the centre of Knightsbridge. It was originally owned by the writer of Les Miserables, Alain Boublil.


Industrial Structures and Buildings

For the in-betweeny places and public structures that someone is now sleeping in (not in a homeless way).

Home, Crate Home

The Daily Mail reported on a YMCA scheme to turn shipping containers into small London homes. They also told of how the rent is incredibly low for a place to live in the area, at only £75 per week.


There’s no place like…the lavatory

Does this look like any old small home to you?


Yes? Have a look at what it used to be…


Both photos from Telegraph.co.uk. Photo Credit: James Balston

Natural Anomalies

Boulder Living


This guy lives under a massive rock. I can’t give you any more information that will make that more impressive.


Vehicular Living

This one is a shaky point because they weren’t technically buildings before, but I reckon they’re cool enough to make the list as the point is really about things that shouldn’t be homes, that now are.

Bus Life

No complex explanation for this one. A guy called Frank bought a bus, turned it into a home, then drove it around the States. Watch the video to see why he did it, or, if you can’t be bothered, the reason is below the video.

Answer: He wanted to turn a bus into a home.

Railway Carriage

The Telegraph reported on this railway-home making family back in August last year. They started with one as a home, made another to rent, and now it’s a full-blown business. Since living on a train, locals have noted that they are no longer on time for anything, and often proclaim they are on strike to other members of their family.

trainhome Image from dailymail.co.uk

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