Partners given the cold shoulder as we look for new ways to keep warm

By on 22nd November in Home Inspiration

So, we’ve seen snow in parts of the country already as winter sets in, but as we all look to save money on bills, what alternative ways do you keep warm? We carried out a survey to find out just this and it had some very interesting and unusual results.

As the title suggests, couple are moving away (literally) from snuggling up to each other for extra warmth, with less than 50% in their twenties and thirties cuddling on the sofa; there are 25% less mid-forties getting cosy and less than 20% of over 55’s ….Maybe they should watch some more rom-coms together.

Sally Geeson wrapped up on the sofa

The other passion killer and alternative method to keep warm at night is wearing socks in bed and although it is stereotypically something men do, there are more women doing this nowadays. Only 20% of men wear socks to bed, whilst nearly half of women who took part in the survey wear socks to bed.

Well, romance may be dying, but some very inventive new ways to keep warm were discovered in this survey. For example, to keep your feet warm, some people are putting them on a computer charger or even under a cat or dog. Other methods include running your hands under a hot tap or warming the bed with a hair dryer!

The most popular methods to restrain ourselves from turning the heating on or up was by being very sensible and putting on an extra layer. Alternatively, us Brits are having a hot cuppa to warm up with 53% of people turning to the kettle.

Another unusual method that I do myself, is leaving the oven door open after cooking, making me one of the 29% of people doing this.

Leaving the oven door open helps heat your home

As we are a nation who love our gadgets and technology it is no surprise to see that 10% of Brits will turn on the laptop for extra warmth generated from the machine; they probably have cheeky browse or shop online took, if not it’s just a waste of electricity.

There are better ways to save money in the long run and have a warmer home – energy efficient double glazing. Just saying…

Have you got any quirky ways to keep warm so you don’t have to turn the heating on? Let us know in the comment section below.

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