New Year, new you – time for an energy diet?

By on 14th January in Home Inspiration

A new you. A new start, new everything. That message is every-where I look, great in theory but is it just me that finds it hard to adjust?

Suddenly we go from overloaded plates to minimalistic ones. For me, new year is never easy.

Frankly, the thought of so much sudden restriction after all that feasting and enjoyment feels decidedly uncomfortable. I want to ease myself into the new year, the way I do a warm bath, not jump in to a cold plunge pool of 2014 after the sauna of Christmas.

So I am doing things differently this year, there is one diet that suits us all, doesn’t involve stepping on the scales, and nor does it involve discomfort. It will certainly stop you piling on the pounds. Don’t worry, I’m talking about the ones on your energy bills. Why not think about the home energy diet – a really great way to recover from Christmas spending and make yourself feel good at the same time. (Is this like an audition for a shopping channel?)

Christmas tree wrapped

Now is the time; the Christmas clutter, sorry decorations, are cleared away, the house is quiet again, and we will all do anything to avoid looking at the damage to our waistline. Now is the perfect time to take a new look at ‘home sweet home.’ It is easy to see the places we could improve. In fact, I have a friend who has already painted a ceiling and we are only a few days in!

This energy diet doesn’t need to be rocket science either.

Over Christmas, our front door opened and shut for so many delivery drivers with my online shopping that our old draught excluder became worn out – finally giving up in a flurry of feathers. I first thought the turkey had exploded. The draught excluder was too worn to be be mended, without it, we noticed a distinct chill in the air.

The depressing waves of low pressure battering our island, lashing bands of rain against the windows, can actually be seen as a great opportunity. Firstly, to avoid any jogging, but also to snuggle in, and get crafty. All in aid of the home energy diet of course, in order to keep home warm and cosy.

I decided to make another draught excluder. At first I was simply imagining the usual stuffed pair of tights but as I contemplated my design I soon became inspired, long lost creative skills bubbled to the surface. Please bear in mind that I am no Kirsty Allsop but I am proud to say that, even I managed to put together some recycled fabric in a sausage shape and stuff it. Well, I suppose I did have a little bit of help from the kids.

If you are feeling short of inspiration, there are so many good ideas and patterns to be found online. There is a free instruction sheet for a doggy draught excluder at Especially helpful for patterns and ideas for re cycling all sorts of other things, is e-bay turns out to be an exciting treasure trove of fabric scraps, remnants and stuffings that are quite cheap. It takes very little time to create an artistic or funky draught excluder that you can be proud of. And it definitely counts towards your home energy diet. It is a peaceful, creative, energy-saving way to start new year. A new you, a new home, a new plate of biscuits please, and we had better just finish that bottle of Bailey’s otherwise it might go off.

Three energy saving light bulbs

Image sourced from Flickr

The other good news I must share, is that we are past the solstice. The dark nights are now getting lighter by about 2 minutes and 20 seconds a day – which means less light-bulb action. That’s great, well done, you’ve started your energy diet already without even having to do anything!!

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