New Study suggests Brits Aren’t Energy Conscious

By on 22nd October in Home Inspiration

A recent study carried out by Anglian Home Improvements suggests that us Brits aren’t switched onto energy saving. The study has some disappointing figures, but hopefully they can help motivate us all to pull our finger out and live more energy efficient lives.

With the four of the ‘big six’ energy companies putting up their prices last week, it comes as a surprise that 40 of us leave the heating on all day and 33 of us leave the windows and doors open with it on.

If you read our recent blog about ‘Energy efficient gadgets’ then you will know how there are technologies out there to ensure you don’t waste energy. In spite of this two thirds of us still leave the TV on even if they’re not in the room; on top of that 50 of people leave it on standby overnight. Another energy drainer is leaving your mobile phone on charge all night – 63 of people do this! As we talk about leaving things on unnecessarily, nearly 50 of us leave the tap running whilst cleaning our teeth or washing up.

It seems that we all want to save money, especially as we hear about more about energy price hikes, but almost a fifth of us don’t use energy saving light bulbs and 46 of us turn the heating on instead of putting an extra layer on. These are small changes to our lifestyles, but they could all make a big difference to our wallets.

As it is Big Energy Saving Week and as an Energy Saving Trust Recommended supplier, we want to help you as much as possible when it comes to energy efficiency, especially as 40 of us don’t have energy efficient windows or doors. A staggering 30 of heat is lost through windows and doors, so it is a worthwhile investment, particularly when 56 of us don’t have an energy efficient boiler.

We are a nation of quick fixes as 82 of us would opt to make one simple change to become energy efficient if we could, 86 of that would definitely do it if it meant they would save money over the next 5 years.

Philippa Forrester

Philippa Forrester

Environmental science expert and TV presenter, Philippa Forrester often campaigns about environmental issues and commented on this survey. “In light of the latest news about rising energy costs, heating our homes and using electricity is going to cost us more and more. You can’t help but wonder how high prices need to get before we think about making fundamental changes to the energy efficiency of our homes to stop money leaking out of our roofs, windows and doors. By reducing our energy consumption, we’re also reducing our bills and our carbon emissions, so it’s a win-win situation.”

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