New Heating Incentive

By on 10th August in Home Inspiration

The world is economically unstable at the minute so setting up a stable future is key to the government’s plans, so their new heating incentive could help with the dream of a greener future.

There are approximately 4 million homes not heated by mains gas in the UK, which means they use higher carbon heating methods such as electric fires and heating oil.

The government is hoping that the new scheme, where you can get a grant of up to £1,250 to install renewable heating systems, such as solar panels and biomass boilers, will help lower the UK’s carbon emissions.

The scheme run by the Energy Saving Trust will help home owners with the installation costs of systems, with applications opening from 1st August until March 2012.

Climate Change minister Greg Barker said, “This should be great news for people who are reliant on expensive oil or electric heating…” He continued, “Getting money off an eco heater will not just cut carbon emissions, it will also help create a market in developing, selling and installing kit like solar thermal panels or heat pumps.”

So the Climate Change minister is upbeat about this new incentive, but Friends of the Earth are not so happy with the final decision.

Alan Simpson an adviser on sustainable energy said that this project has potential to be “an internationally ground-changing initiative that would put the UK amongst the world leaders, but it is driven by a towering lack of ambition.”

Here is how the grants are set to work;

Ground Source Heat Pump – £1,250 (for homes without main gas)

Biomass boiler – £950 (for homes without main gas)

Air Source Heat Pump – £850 (for homes without main gas)

Solar Thermal Hot Water Panels – £300 (for homes without main gas)

So, that is how the money is planned to be spread out, which looks quite reasonable, but is it really enough for someone to get started? Alan Simpson thinks that £300 for solar thermal panels were too low to affect market demand, and I see his point. Solar Panels are not a cheap initial layout and although they have long term benefits, it is an expensive installation so maybe £300 is not enough to get us started?

However, we need to think positive in these hard times and at least the government is prepared to give us a little help to improve our energy efficiency and lower our carbon emissions.

How this schemes work is yet to be seen, but the Department of Energy and Climate Change says it will monitor energy data and performance closely by using additional metres and more detailed surveys.

Fingers crossed that this scheme works and maybe gets more government backing, along with other incentives to improve our homes energy efficiency.

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