“Never Been A Better Time” for Home Improvements

By on 12th January in Home Inspiration

Unfortunately, there has been an increasing cost of energy which means that many homeowners will be searching for ways to make sure that their properties will not be losing value .

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As a result of this, there is perhaps ‘no better time’ than now to take action and start to install  some home improvements to lower your heating bills, noted the Daily Telegraph.

The government is hoping that over 14 million homes will be given a ‘green’ makeover during the course of the next few years, with double glazed windows and doors being just one of the improvements considered by homeowners. I personally believe that this estimate of amount of homeowners who will techinically ‘upgrade’ their homes, could be slightly too high to be acheivable in the next few years. What I think they might have to take in account is, that unfortunately the price of living is going up, but not our wage packets. Well unless you’re a director of a bank perhaps, then you can always give yourself a raise if you feel like it.

One of the main problems we are noticing, is that people still have no idea on how much heat they lose through their roofs and walls,” explained Neil Marshall, chief executive of the National Insulation Association.

The Daily Telegraph article insisted that many homeowners would first need to find where the problems are in their properties before figuring out what particular measures can be taken to fix them.

The Energy Saving Trust shows figures that prove double glazing can actually reduce heat loss through windows by as much as 50 per cent.

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