Nanosolar To Generate 1 GW In Europe

By on 12th May in Home Inspiration

Futuristic solar panel company Nanosolar are planning on extending their solar capacity across Europe, signing long-term supply deals with 3 European firms.

The company produces Silicon Valley-based thin film solar panels, which are now going to be installed by Germany’s Belectric and Plain energy, as well as EDF Energies Nouvelles of France, which will deliver up to 1 GW of solar energy. With these deals coming into place it has the potential to reduce the cost of panel manufacturing.

Each of the supply agreements ranges from 3 to 6 years, all being strategic partners of Nanosolar since 2008.

The thin film solar panels are based on copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS for short) technology, which uses a relatively small amount of silicon which makes them cheaper to produce than conventional photovoltaic. However, the panels are less efficient at converting sunlight into electricity, so it is all swings and roundabouts.

The firm states that “Nanosolar can become the lowest-cost panel manufacturer at hundreds of megawatts of production versus gigawatts within the next few years.” The company expects to reach an annual production capacity of 115MW by autumn 2011, and plans on doubling the capacity every year!

I think these will be all over roofs sooner than they think, especially as it seems quite a versatile material to use and gain energy from. It must be easier to install too, if they can improve the efficiency of it, I can see this product taking off further!

What do you think?

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