Mrs Energy Saving’s sister heats things up

By on 18th April in Home Inspiration

First of all, I would like to say thank you to Anglian Home Improvements for inviting me back once again! I hope I’m not outstaying my welcome quite yet, but please do make sure to tell me if I am. The weather is finally improving here in the UK – only just – although anything above 10 °C is considered a ‘warm day’ over here and, of course, requires that every man with pale legs should begin to walk around in the shorts their partners have kept locked away at the back of their cupboards all winter. Sadly, I failed to keep my husband’s shorts hidden.

Over the past few years the Clarke household has done great things to improve energy savings, including some cavity wall insulation and a replacement boiler that I am still delighted to say we got for free! Not forgetting the amazing smart monitor as part of the energy saving pack I received thanks to Anglian, which is still changing the way the husband and I, and the kids as we educate them, use energy and, more specifically, discover how we may be wasting energy. But when I saw what my sister was doing to her family’s home I knew we were just at the beginning of our energy saving mission.

First of all, let me tell you a bit about my sister: She’s older than I am, she could be said to care even more about energy saving than I do (hard to believe, right?) and she has two of the most beautiful children and a husband who is just as lovely as mine. We don’t see each other as much as I would like, but it was during my last visit to their household that I realised they were taking energy saving to the next level. So where to begin?

Have you heard about ground source heat pumps? No, well I’m not that surprised. It’s still not really something you hear all that much about on the grapevine. But if you care about the environment and would like an energy-efficient means of heating your property, then this is something you will want to know more about. It’s not something we are about to include at the Clarke household just yet, but my sister is certainly showing me the way forward, and it’s something we actively encourage over at Find Energy Savings.

So, let’s begin: a ground source heat pump is pretty much how it sounds. It uses pipes buried beneath the ground to absorb the Earth’s heat. This is absorbed into water moving through the system, which is then pumped into a heat exchanger that takes all this lovely heat into your home. Sounds like something from a science fiction novel, doesn’t it? But my sister tells me it works a treat. Although I must admit that my sister wasn’t quite so pleased to see the state of her garden when the work was being done – they have to dig a trench or borehole to implement the system (eek).

Why has my sister opted for this new source of energy? Well, she has always been forward-thinking and has already got her house well insulated and working to a good standard of energy saving. But she felt like they could do more. Don’t we all? She had their existing system replaced and paid around £10,000 for all the work to be done. It sounds a lot, I know, but she tells me it is the best decision she had made in a long time. (Don’t forget, there are grants available for some, too!) Still, I don’t think the Clarke household is quite ready to take this ‘next step’.

The pumps heat their house’s radiators and hot water and they’ve had no issues whatsoever with getting used to the system. Works easy-peasy, apparently. You do require space for the system to be fitted, but my sister has a good amount of land around her house to take advantage of. And I think it is definitely something the husband, kids and I will look into when we have the money to hopefully save money in the long run. How about you? Would you take the leap and get one of these new heating systems for your household? Please let me know your thoughts and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this or any of my previous blog articles.

Ground source heat pumps could be put into this home

 This house could use its extra land to install a ground source heat pump.

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