Making the most of the light in your conservatory

By on 28th November in Home Inspiration

A conservatory is a room for all seasons and can accommodate many activities. Our customers often tell us about the imaginative ways they use their conservatories – from setting up a mini-gym, adding a children’s playroom or as an additional space to entertain friends through to using it as a special quiet space, close to nature for relaxing and escaping on a comfy settee to read a book, view the garden and watch the changing seasons.

At this time of year, when the days are shorter and it is too cold to be outside, what can be a better way to enjoy extra daylight than by sitting in a conservatory?  And for those of us who suffer from the ‘winter blues’, this room could help improve our mood and help lift our spirits.

Anglian Conservatory


In a recent survey by Anglian Home Improvements, 74% of people polled reported that the reduction in daylight hours over the winter months has a negative effect on their sense of wellbeing.

Sitting near a window or in a conservatory with lots of natural daylight can help to lift your spirits and improve your sense of well-being.

Suggestions to help battle this gloomy time of year include, making the most of the available natural daylight by going for a daily walk and take some exercise. Other ways to help you feel brighter during winter include making sure you eat a well balanced and healthy diet, get enough sleep, plan events to look forward to and take a holiday in the sun.


Anglian Conservatory

An Anglian Conservatory

A few of us from the Anglian office often go for a walk at lunch time.  Just getting some fresh air and feeling the warmth of the sun on your face when it is shining, makes me feel brighter and happier.

What do you do to stop the ‘winter blues’?

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