Luxurious Looks: Three Pieces that Can Instantly Add a Sense of Luxury to Your Living Space

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Today, we have a guest post contributed by Tammy Annis on behalf of Tammy is studying interior urban design and is a freelance writer; here she discusses ways to achieve a luxury style home, without the extravagant price tag.

“You have high end tastes for your home décor and furnishings, but your budget demands that you stick to bargains. Don’t despair, and don’t give up your dreams of achieving a luxe look in your home. The key to attaining a high end look without the high price tag is to seek out good quality merchandise, whether or not there is a designer name attached. In some instances, you will find brand name merchandise at cut rate prices. In other cases, your luxe bargains will be well made and so beautiful that no one will know or care that they are no-name bargains but you.

Luxurious living room


Museum quality artwork lends a glamorous touch to nearly every décor. It’s possible, but doubtful that you will find a genuine masterpiece by a renowned artist at a garage sale. If you do stumble upon artwork that seems like it could be an undiscovered treasure, have it appraised and authenticated.  What’s more likely is that you will find well-executed artwork by unknown artists, which is just fine.

You don’t have to be an art expert to discover artwork bargains. Look for high quality materials used in creating the artwork as a sign of overall quality. For paintings, prints and photos, spend a little extra money to have your artwork expertly framed. To display sculpture and other artwork, strategically placed lighting provides a dramatic showcase.


A beautiful wooden sideboard or a meticulously maintained grandfather clock can add elegance and glamour to your home.  Collections of figurines, named glassware or fine china are an option to dress up smaller spaces. If you’ve seen antique appraisal shows on TV, you know that antiques can sometimes carry eye popping price tags. However, it’s often possible to obtain a beautiful antique for less money than you might think.

Relatives may have antique pieces cluttering up their attics or garages that they are happy to give to you for no charge – if you move them yourself.  Garage sales and second hand shops are also good hunting grounds for high quality. Don’t be put off by antiques in less than perfect condition. Many restoration jobs are simple enough for do it yourselfers to manage. Even if you pay a pro to restore your antique find, the price is often much cheaper than if you bought a similar piece new.

High Quality Rugs

A Persian or Turkish rug conjures up visions of magic carpets and exotic lands. Having at least one in your home instantly lends the space with a sense of luxury. While it’s true that a good quality rug is not objectively cheap, there are ways to find a beautiful rug for less than you would expect to pay.

If you find yourself in Turkey, you can haggle with a merchant over the price of a rug. If your shopping is limited to local outlets, modern rugs, new or used, are often more affordable than antique rugs. Smaller rugs are also usually more affordable than larger rugs.

Look for natural fibres: wool, cotton or silk. Silk rugs are often very expensive; they may not be affordable if your budget is limited. Natural dyes are also preferable over chemical dyes. Moisten a cloth and rub it gently over a rug you are considering. If colour rubs off on the cloth, it’s chemically dyed. Finally, the more knots per square inch (KPSI), the higher quality the rug. However, elaborate curved designs require more KPSI than geometric designs. This means a rug with a geometric design may be a better bargain than a rug of similar quality that has a design filled with curved lines.

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