Let There Be Light!

By on 20th November in Guides, Home Inspiration

It’s that time of the year again, where the dark days and long nights of winter are slowly drawing in, but instead of preparing to hibernate, why not awaken your humble abode with a bright flash of light!

At Anglian Home Improvements we believe preparing your home for the winter months is essential, we’ve have been lucky enough to team up with renowned interior designer Sophie Robinson, who has shared her tricks of the trade on how to embrace the use of light in our homes this winter.

Interior Designer Sophie suggests that the big question on all our lips at this time of year is how to brighten up our home, “One of the things most people ask me about A LOT is how they can make their homes feel lighter and brighter. Inspired by the fashionable Scandinavian look that celebrates all things pale and interesting, this burning question isn’t about to go away.” To help inspire homeowners, Sophie has set out five easy-to-follow tips on how to inject get a bolt of light into even the darkest rooms.

Choose your colour carefully

Rule number one is NEVER go for pure white walls in a darker room, as it will just appear lifeless and dull. Opt for gentle recessive colours, pale tints with a cool hue like blue, grey, lilac or green. They work to make your room feel larger and lighter than it really is. Then pop the colour in accessories and furniture for more depth and interest.

Embrace natural light

Make the most of natural daylight by opting for neat blinds at the windows, which can be fully drawn away from the opening. A roller blind that tucks into the recess will work a treat or for something more luxurious go for an interlined roman blind, but mount it above the lintel so it can be drawn clear of the window and let that lovely daylight flood in.

Reflect the light

Use reflective surfaces to bounce the light around the room. This could be a gloss painted floor, or even the ceiling! Alternatively introduce glass, polished marble or mirror furniture into the scheme. Painting your windows and sills in a high gloss paint also helps to bounce the daylight that comes in through the window.

Highlight with lighting

Good lighting is key to any interior, but as the winter evenings draw in it becomes even more effective. The aim shouldn’t be to awash the entire room with light, instead think about highlighting various key areas. For example, position a ceiling spot light or low pendant light over an area of interest like the dining or coffee table. Next, have plenty of lamps and floor lamps, ideally on a 5amp circuit so you can control them from the wall switch. This combination will create a layered look, which is always preferable to one lonely pendant light, or a ceiling full of indiscriminate down lighters.

Mirror image

Finally a well-positioned mirror has to be one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it doesn’t make it any less effective. Go large and position opposite the window to maximise its light-giving potential.


These handy top tips can be used by all homeowners, whatever your personal taste or style. We hope Sophie’s tips have inspired you to inject light and brightness into your home this winter!

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