LEGO Architecture Range is the LEGO us Adults Have been Waiting For

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Back in April we, told you how German artist Jan Vorman was ‘repairing’ real life buildings with LEGO. Well, now, the iconic Danish bricks are being used to inspire future architects or even help people design their own homes with their new LEGO architecture range entitled ‘Architecture Studio’.

What immediately hits you in the face when you first see the new 1210-piece Architecture range is that it’s white. LEGO is known for its many bright colours and it’s a little jarring to see an all-white version, but there’s a very good reason for this.

The brains behind the range want architects young and old to focus on the fundamental principles of building rather than get mesmerised by all the bright colours, as Michael McNally, LEGO’s brand relations director explained to design website Co.Design: ‘We rarely offer a toolkit in only one colour, but using white actually creates natural lines and shadows that can more accurately represent architectural shapes and form.

LEGO Architecture Studio range

‘We felt using all that white gave the kit a very ‘sketchbook’ feel. And since we’ve never offered a kit that is all white, there’s that novelty factor at play for collectors, too.’

When you open a regular box of LEGO, say for a car or castle, you get a little instruction booklet with a step-by-step guide of how to build the lovely picture on the front of the box. However, there is no such booklet this time; it’s all about the imagination of the builder.

What is bundled in with the LEGO, though, is an incredibly detailed 272-page booklet examining real life case studies of buildings around the world and explaining how you can make them using LEGO.

LEGO Architecture Studio Booklet

A number of major architecture firms have got involved and have thrown in their two cents, including Rex Architecture, SOM and MAD Architects, and each gets as many as 50 pages to talk about their inspirations, how they work and their thoughts on construction and architecture.

Throughout the booklet are also mini workshops and tutorials so you can try your hand at doing what the professionals do, but with LEGO, obviously.

Over at, they challenged a number of different architects to use the Architecture Studio range to come up with some new building designs, and the results are pretty impressive.

Gregg Pasquarelli of ShoP Architects in New York 3-D, who printed his own LEGO pieces in his studio, created a futuristic cityscape based on biological systems, whilst architects from SOM, the company behind Burj Khalifa, currently the world’s highest building in Dubai, froze their design in a block of ice! Check out their amazing LEGO buildings below…

Lego Architecture

Designed by Gregg Pasquarelli, ShoP Architects. Image source:

LEGO architecture in ice

Designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. Image source:

Pasquarelli explained to how important LEGO was to him: “It’s why I became an architect, quite frankly. I grew up in the boroughs of New York, and I could see the Manhatten skyline from my window as a child, and I literally sat there and mimicked all the buildings I could see in LEGO. It made me fall in love with building and architecture.”

To learn more about the new Architecture Range, head over to LEGO’s official website.

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