Keep the heat in and the cold out!

By on 6th November in Home Inspiration

It has been chilly these last few days with the autumn drawing ever closer and with a distinct chill in the air.  With some parts of the country already experiencing the first snows of the year it is important to keep our homes warm.

More than ever, with the rising energy prices we are conscious of wanting to save money.  At Anglian we are always trying to think of ways to help keep the heat in our homes and the cold outside our windows and doors.

For many of us with the added benefit of double glazing and for some the recently introduced ‘A’ rated energy efficient windows and Classic doors, they can help you to save money as well as keep the heat in.

Ann Broad

An Anglian window with curtains from the Anne Broad Collection

We thought if you are looking for a little bit of colour inspiration for your windows, you might like to look at the Ann Broad Collection of materials.  Ann’s site gives you lots of ideas for colours and styles of curtains and blinds that can be made for any window size and the colour of any room.

Curtains and blinds help to keep the draughts at bay and some with the added benefit of a thermal lining really do make all the difference to our comfort.

We hope that you enjoy looking for a style of curtain and blind to set off your windows and doors.





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