Installing Double Glazed Windows Can Reduce Energy


Homeowners who have started to make their house “greener” are beginning to realise the benefits of installing modern double glazing, which help to reduce their energy bills drastically.

Double Glazing

Property Magazine has published an article about a new, recently developed type of window, which is designed to  withstand the ever changing weather and storms. These particular double glazed windows have been created to help keep a room cool in the beautiful summer months, but nice and toasty in the harsh winter, their source told.

It has been common knowledge for as long as I can remember that carpets are also a great way to help insulate the rooms throughout the house. Homeowners who are finding it hard to keep up with the ever raising payments for heating during the cold winter months, and reduce their dependence on it, are realising that well fitted carpets are helping to retain their home’s cosy comfort in conjunction with double glazing.

According to a recent poll, aside from energy saving windows and doors, carpets can increase the thermal resistance inside the house, thus creating wonderful insulation,” said the magazine. Well, I’m sorry but I could have told you that for free without having to fork out a few quid to buy the magazine to know that sort of information.

Articles which are being published in the US News recently, have been giving advice on how to keep windows clean using basic home essentials such as vinegar and lemon juice. In my opinion they’re not really up to speed on things. All you need to do ask your mum, or even your grandmother for this sort of advice and they would be able to tell you that these types of methods for getting your windows nice and shiny, have been around for generations.

Just be careful when you ask them as you might get a response back like “Well during the war….” then you might wished you hadn’t asked at all.

If you have any quirky or unusual tips for keeping your windows spic and span then leave us a comment or perhaps email us and we’ll put it on the blog. There’s nothing better than sharing good advice and tips on how to help keep those pennies in your purse!

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