Infographic: How to Improve Your Home Security

By on 14th March in Home Inspiration

The days are growing longer and the nights are getting shorter, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precaution when it comes to safety. A lot of the time, home break-ins occur due to opportunistic thieves targeting homes with poor window or door security, so you should try reduce the risk of being targeted as much as possible.

From installing outdoor lighting to upgrading your window and door locks, making changes inside and outside can save you time and money in the long run. For example, installing a motion-sensor can be extremely effective – the bright light will make it easy to see when someone is approaching your house and possibly make them reconsider their attempt.

We recently made a video with Richard Taylor, a reformed burglar that showed us exactly what burglars look for when they’re on the hunt for a house to burgle. Check out his top tips below:

On top of this, Sainsbury’s Bank has created a handy guide, full of handy tips and security measures you can take.

Making these small changes can not only help deter intruders but protect your property should someone actually attempt to break-in or gain access. Electronics such as webcams can be used as a home security system – making it easier to identify the thief and hopefully getting your belongings back.

Have a read through this infographic, and let us know on Facebook or Twitter which of the tips you’ll be carrying out this year to make your home even more secure.

Home security visual guide

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