India To Maximise Green Potential

By on 21st January in Home Inspiration

Atlantis Resources has announced its own new ‘green’ machine is to be released in India early next year. The AK-1000, a massive twin turbine tower, uses ebb and flood tides to create electricity. Although its not very aesthetic, being described as “simple and robust”, it will generate up to one megawatt of power, giving 1000 homes electricity. Standing at a staggering 22.5m tall, and weighing 1300 tonnes, its blades will turn at an incredibly slow 6-8 revolutions per minute. This sluggish rotation will ensure that no marine life is affected by this enormous machine.

The Gulf of Kotch is going to be home to 50 of these beasts to produce 50 MW of power, possibly expanding to have the capacity to produce 200MW of power. It is aiming to become the first of its kind in Asia, with South Korea currently battling for the title too. Wind only equates to a tiny amount of green energy currently being produced globally, but the industry has started to feel a sudden excitement about the element becoming a major contributor.

Wind- another type of green energy

Another small step by man to be more self-sufficient, with a bit of luck it will spark more ideas for a future less reliant on fossil fuels. Hopefully, more and more of these can be made, generating electricity for a bigger population, and maybe even develop this idea further so they are smaller and easier to manufacture. How are you reducing your carbon footprint?

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