I Wish I Could Invent…

By on 10th January in Home Inspiration

Today has been a strange kind of day as I have been thinking of weird and wonderful inventions that could make our homes better or easier to maintain.

For example, as my girlfriend is useless at remembering to the lock the doors, invent a key that is like that of a car with central locking. All the locks on the doors should be electronically connected, so at the press of a button they all lock or unlock.

This would be a lot easier for times when you are struggling to unlock the front door with the weekly shopping, one press and the door is open! This would also save on the amount of keys you would need, as one key would unlock all doors.

If nobody can invent that then why not try windows that clean themselves? My idea is, for example the roof of a conservatory, to have rubber blades (like the ones on your car) that at the press of a button squirts water and moves the blades down the glass roof pane. I think this could be done with a motor and roller down the framing of the glass and to save on water you could just use it when it rains! I think this could work on any windows as well as conservatories and even doors!

An idea my colleague had was a convertible conservatory…sounds bizarre!

Basically, you have a normal conservatory, but half of the roof could slide over to the other side, or the roof splits into two and opens up letting in all the fresh air of outside into the house and stopping the conservatory over heating during the hot summer months. You could even link it up to your central locking house key! 🙂

Or it could even have the front half of the roof slide over the front of the conservatory to create a veranda as Anglian already do,  but it electronically slides out, possibly exposing half the conservatory to create open air room. The Anglian verandah is made to help you avoid the usual rain we get during summer as not to scupper your BBQ plans, but this could be furthered if the roof could slide down to create this verandah too. It could either open the half the roof up or have an extra pane of glass to create the over hang.

My attempt at some inventions

Artist Impression (well, my attempt)












I think I might copyright these ideas and go onto Dragons Den with them! Any investors?

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