How we incorporate Glass Art by David Domoney


This week I’ve been thinking about an idea to add some colour to the translucent walls of the relaxation areas, adding depth and texture to the glass panels on either side of the garden. This is not an easy task, as they need to be rectangular in shape and also need to have an element of transparency to complement the theme of the Naked Garden.

On a recent visit to Assisi in Italy, I came across an artist called Massimo Cruciani. He paints directly onto large panes of glass. The effect when lit is a warm depth of vibrant colour edged with a bead of raised grey paint in between the paint colours which gives the effect of lead in stain glass windows.

Massimo hard at work

The benefit of this method of decoration is not only that the canvas for this artist is a pane of glass but also in the decoration process we can leave elements of it unpainted for transparency, adding to the overall theme of the garden.

The other brilliant twist is that the painting will be naked too. No backing canvas, allowing it be viewed perfectly from both sides.

The artist’s name is Massimo Cruciani, he was born in Rome in the 1940’s, developed a keen eye as a professional photographer and travelled the world capturing images predominently in Asia, America and Mexico.

In 1974, he began his apprenticeship in the studio of G. Adami, and then he moved from oils to acrylics then water colours to finally painting on glass.

Massimo developed a skill with this style of painting on glass, the way he could develop brightness with the transparency of glass and how it reacts with light shining through it.

His paintings are sold all over the World to film stars, governments and numerous individuals just wanting to own some fine art that’s a little different. Massimo also personally presented a painting entitled “Francesco” to Pope John Paul II at the Vatican.

I have commissioned Massimo to produce two giant glass wall art pieces for the Naked Garden. My brief to him was to paint in bright vibrant colours to illustrate to blooms in the garden and also show the plants exposed roots.

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