5 of the Best Ways to Use a Loft Conversion

By on 11th November in Home Inspiration

There are few better ways to add space and value to home than with a loft conversion. By taking a space which is often under-utilised and transforming it, you can open up a whole world of new possibilities for your attic.

But for many, it isn’t a case of whether they should get a loft conversion; it’s what to do with the space once they’ve converted. Adding another bedroom is a clear and obvious choice, but in many cases, an additional bedroom offers little practical use other than adding to the house’s value.

Here are five alternative ideas for what you can do with your newly reclaimed loft room.

1. An office

Office loft conversion

Lofts make ideal offices for several reasons. Their placement in the house and the fact they’re high above any outside roads means that they’re often the quietest room, making them a great aid to concentration.

If you’re a bit of a procrastinator, the fact that an attic will be far away from the hub of the house – particularly the kitchen, living area and dining room – will mean a distraction-free environment that will let you really get your head down and some serious work done.

2. A second living room

living room loft space

Creating another living room in your home within your attic conversion gives you a flexible space that you’re likely to make much more use of than a second bedroom. Modern TV subscriptions often allow for multi-room viewing, so another area to watch your favourite programmes and unwind in comfort can be really well utilised.

Better yet, a second living area is relatively low investment, with only furniture really being required. It also allows for a quick and easy transition to become a bedroom or a more specialised area should you want to sell your house.

3. Reading room

Reading room loft

If the thought of having two rooms centered around televisions doesn’t quite do it for you, then why not take advantage of the tranquility and seclusion that comes with a loft conversion and make it into a reading room?

The natural camber of a loft conversion roof will often limit the amount of storage space available around the edge of the room, but even in restricted areas you can fit shelving for your books, allowing you to create a miniature library that’ll be perfect for any reading fan! Just remember to invest in double or triple glazed windows to preserve the tranquility!

4. Storage

A loft conversion can be used as an extra room with extra storage

One of the main reasons people resist converting their loft is the fact that to do so will require clearing it in the first place. Something a lot of people don’t consider, however that once the conversion is complete, is that the space can still be used for storage.

It may no longer be the place to stuff boxes for old appliances and other miscellany, but it could become, for example, an elegant walk in wardrobe, freeing up space elsewhere in the house. Revamping the storage offering within your loft is, in many ways, the best of both worlds, adding value to your home without sacrificing the storage space that the space originally offered.

5. Workout room

How about using your loft conversion as a fitness room?

Finally, if you’re someone who needs some added motivation to get themselves moving on their fitness journey, why not utilise your loft conversion as a workout room? Many of those who invest in a home gym quickly find it losing its appeal after they’ve put their equipment in a cold, damp or uninspiring space within their home.

Utilising the natural light and space of a loft conversion is a great way to create a workout space that has you raring to go. A well insulated floor will also keep the noise that filters through to the rest of the house to a minimum, unlike a home gym located adjacent to living areas.

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