How to Decorate Bay Windows

By on 25th March in Home Inspiration

Bay windows are a beautiful feature in a variety of homes, giving you a bit of extra room that is bathed in sunlight. They’re most commonly located in lounges, but can also be used as kitchen windows or bathroom windows. One issue you may encounter with your bay window is how they can be a little bit tricky to decorate. This is mainly due to their shape, but we’ve not only got some great ideas on how to use them, but also how to decorate them to make your bay window look stunning!

Decorating Your Bay Window

This will depend on how you’re using the bay area, something we will cover further down, however, here’s some ways to make it stand out from the crowd.

Paint & Wallpaper

Using a different colour paint or wallpaper to the rest of the room will not just make it unique to the room, but it’ll also make it stand out. Try to make the change subtle so it isn’t too much of a stark contrast, for example, using a mocha colour for the bay area if the rest of the room is magnolia or a light colour will create a warm area to relax in.

If you have a wooden bay, you could try painting it the same colour as a feature wall inside your home, like the one below.

Bay window with different decor

Image Source

If the room is wallpapered, pick a colour that’s within the wallpaper to paint the area to make it different. If you want to, continue the wallpaper around the bay to make the shape of the bay blend in with the room.

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If you really want to make a statement with your bay window, choose a colour that contrasts the rest of the room or brightly colour fabrics for curtains or upholstery.

How to Use Your Bay Window

A Window Seat

This is probably one of the most popular uses of a bay window as it makes a superb area to relax with a book, a cup of tea or a glass of wine, basking in the sun and enjoying the views you have.

There are hundreds if not thousands of window seat designs out there – a quick Pinterest search will fill you with inspiration on what you should do with your bay window. This is our personal favourite!

Bay Window seat-housetohome

Image source

Kitchen Seating & Dining Area

If you are lucky enough to have a bay window in your kitchen, make full use of it by making it a dining area. It makes for a bright and airy space to eat with an outside view, helping boost the conversational vibes.

Depending on the size of the bay window area, you can have different uses, such as a breakfast bar or a full bench with comfy cushions. This will provide a lovely place to have some family time with every meal.

kitchen window seat ideas

Image via Huffington Post, Sarah Richardson


If you’re looking for an area to set up a desk and work from home, a bay window can provide the ideal zone for this. Find a desk that fits the space, ensure there’s an electricity supply nearby for your computer, laptop or gadgets and away you go.

The natural light will help you concentrate better, just try not to get too distracted with the scenes outside the window!

Thomas Sanderson blue blinds in office


If you’re struggling for storage, creating a big seating area with storage beneath it can be very beneficial. Here’s a really good guide on how to make your own bay window seat with storage. You can choose whether to have a chest or drawers that open beneath the seat, whichever suits your home and the room best.

Alternatively, you can buy chests of drawers that double up as seating, so find one that fits your bay perfectly and enjoy the new chill out zone!

Bare Bay Window


Believe it or not, a bay window creates a beautiful area for a bath! If you have a bathroom that isn’t overlooked or has frosted glass in the windows, this can create the most relaxing area of your home.

Just imagine yourself with this stunning free-standing bath at home. You can really set the mood with candles around the windowsill, the lights dimmed, gentle music playing and maybe even a glass of wine for the ultimate relaxation.

Bath Bay window

Image source


This again depends on the size of your bay window, but putting a bed here can not only be beneficial for your sleep cycle and waking up, it also looks beautiful in a nicely decorated room.

With your bed in the window, if you have light curtains that allow light to pass through, it can help you wake up more naturally, which can make you feel less tired and more energised during the day.

Bed in a bay window design sponge

Image source

So, there you have some ways to decorate and use your bay window. Have you got any unique ways of using your bay window or do you have decorating tips? Let us know in the comments section below.

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