What Your Home Décor Says About Your Personality

By on 30th August in Home Inspiration

There are few aspects of our lives that communicate our personalities as loudly as our homes do. After all, this is the place we rely on for pretty much everything — eating, sleeping, spending time with our family and friends and even working. If your home décor isn’t a reflection of your tastes, your identity and your lifestyle, you’ll never truly feel relaxed there – and one of the main functions of every well-designed home should be to offer a retreat optimised for our lives.

Making Your Home All About You

There are a whole host of ways you can inject a sense of your personality into your home — such as displaying objects collected from travels afar, decorating with photographs of important events and ensuring the layout suits the way you and your family live. But perhaps one of the best and most direct routes to a home that mirrors your identity is through the use of colour.

Colour has a way of conjuring up emotions, so it’s crucial to choose the shades that will have the right impact for your home. Certain colours also carry some symbolism and using strategically planned combinations is the ideal way to select a colour scheme which offers insight into both who you are and how you want your home to feel.

Spice Pot

Imagine bustling markets in Marrakech or a tropical sunset and you’ll be halfway to understanding the feel of this colour scheme. This is a look that’s energising, sociable and warm and the reds, oranges and yellows associated with it are said to stimulate both the appetite and conversation. If you’re someone who loves to entertain and socialise at home a lot – or are looking for a delicious colour scheme for your dining area – this is the one for you.

Beware of creating an overly dominant aesthetic here though, as these rich shades can become overwhelming in large doses — so balance them out with some cool greys or minty greens.


Pretty Pastels

Sweet and soft, shades of pastel pink, baby blue, mint green and sandy yellow are the ideal choices for someone with a friendly, happy disposition – combining an almost child-like quality with some playful nostalgia. Pastel shades are also an ideal choice for retro-style interior schemes, and look gorgeous paired with furniture of a similar theme, accentuating soft curves and quirky details.



Like a classic approach to interior design and crisp, cool lines? Then a monochrome or neutral look is the path to go down. Black, white and shades of grey are easy to live with, smart and unlikely to date any time soon. This is the perfect way to avoid having to redecorate for as long as possible – and if you’re worried about the look being too sterile, use furniture and decorative objects in more adventurous shades to add a pop of colour. Customisable bespoke coffee tables, for example, can be created in the colour of your choice and are a powerful way to express yourself in your home – especially within the context of a muted colour scheme.

Chess board

Read more about how to achieve the right atmosphere in your home with our Room Ambience Infographic.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Love a bit of drama in your life or maybe you’re always the life and soul of the party and want your interior design to reflect that? Opting for brilliant brights, such as pillar box red, hot pink, lime green and turquoise help you use loud and proud colours to perfectly reflect a big, generous personality. Even the most extroverted homeowner might find them a little hard to live with if they’re not off-set with some quieter whites, greys and creams here and there – so try a gleaming white coffee table or soft grey upholstery to temper the look. Alternatively, keep your background neutral and use furniture to add an impactful colour boost.


Ocean Colour Scheme

Most of the reactions colours create are a direct result of what we see in nature – so while sunny yellows and burning hot reds warm us up, those found in the more serene aspects of the world around us cool us down and have a calming effect. Blues and greens tend to conjure up thoughts of the sky, sea and grassy meadows, making them perfect in areas of the home you want to relax in. These are best suited to outdoorsy types, and homeowners with an interest in the elements.

Ocean Colour Scheme

Jewel of the Nile

Think precious gems and glamour for this look – emerald, sapphire, amethyst, topaz and ruby. If you’re someone who is outgoing, confident and creative by nature, this is a look you should seriously consider. These shades also have the ability to lend a sense of intimacy and warmth to any home – not to mention bringing a generous helping of sophistication to even the most architecturally uninspiring of spaces.


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