Historic Bath Ready For Energy Efficiency Makeover

By on 14th October in Home Inspiration

When you think of Bath, do you think of heritage buildings, with stunning, picturesque views? I would guess so, but these buildings are under scrutiny as they are costing the owners hundreds of pounds in lost energy each year.

The conservation area of Bath is set to launch a new energy efficiency project to help combat the rising energy costs hitting the UK. If you live in the London Road and Snow Hill districts, the Bath Preservation Trust and Centre for Sustainable Energy are inviting the residents to take part in a project to identify ways to retrofit these historic homes.

It should come as no surprise as energy prices have shot up over the last 3 years, with electric increasing by 17.9 and gas rocketing by 22.8, which has resulted in 6.9 million UK people being plummeted into fuel poverty! Research has shown that 8 of people will delay turning their heating on at all until December in a bid to reduce their heating bills.

If you live in one of these magnificent homes and are unable to install modern thermally efficient windows due to planning restrictions, there is one way to help improve your homes energy efficiency. Anglian Home Improvements secondary glazing, which can help reduce your homes energy bills modestly, whilst also reducing sound pollution and preventing those ghastly drafts cooling your home. There is nothing worse than sitting by the wood burner, with the blustering wind outside whistling through your windows sending a cold draft down your spine. By fitting Anglian’s secondary glazing you can transform your property’s thermal efficiency without sacrificing the historic aesthetics of your home.

Secondary glazing

The Bath Preservation Trust has now published an investigation on how to approach the task of updating Bath’s energy efficiency to that of the 21st century, whilst retaining the gorgeous architecture of the city’s historical buildings.

Anglian Home Improvements raising the standard since 1966. Visit the Anglian website for information on our secondary double glazing.

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