Google Earth Launches Global Warming Interactive Map

By on 12th August in Home Inspiration

With the current devastating floods in Pakistan and the land slides in north west China you begin to think about your own immediate impact on the environment, the UK’s impact and how we as a world population have affected the global environmental conditions.

Google Earth is a virtual global map containing various geographical information including photos. You can zoom in to see almost any location throughout the world in good clear detail. The original developer of Google Earth was Keyhole Inc and the system was called Earth Viewer 3D.

Since the origination of Google Earth the map has evolved with new technologies incorporating access from hand held platforms such as i-phone accessibility.

On the 14th July the UK Government with Google launched a special Google Earth which illustrates what could happen to the world if the average global temperatures rise by 4 degrees Celsius. The reason for this development is educate and help highlight why people, householders, businesses and communities all need to think of ways of cutting their own carbon emissions:

New Google Map - The impact of global temperature rise of 4 degrees

There are many ways that people can improve their carbon environmental impact. We have the Internet, books other sources of information where “at a click of a button” can access a wealth of information to educate and make correct and good environmental decisions.

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) have created an interactive Energy Saving House which gives homeowners ideas and ways of saving money at home, becoming more efficient and being more environmentally friendly;

Source: The Energy Saving House

Source: The Energy Saving Trust

Areas of suggested improvements also include replacing your windows with more efficient double glazing, also installing Solar Thermal and/or Photovoltaic technology. Anglian has also launched their own “Rough Guide” to Green Your Home and you can request a copy of this and accompanying DVD by clicking here.

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