Glastonbury Festival to be Solar powered

By on 13th September in Home Inspiration

Festivals are now starting to go eco friendly for next year!

Glastonbury Festival at night

The Glastonbury festival organiser Michael Eavis has confirmed that part of next year’s event will be powered by solar panels. Now, I don’t know about you, but I think that will be an amazing achievement if Glastonbury can pull it off! 

 Work is nearly complete on the installation of around 1,500 square metres of solar panels, set atop the huge barns which house the cattle of Worthy Farm, according to eFestivals.  

It is thought that the devices will generate around 200k of power which is roughly the same amount used by around 30 homes.  Although that is not enough to power a whole festival, it is hoped that around 100 tonnes of CO2 will be saved each year.  

As a festival goer myself, I believe that this is a very impressive way of tackling the global warming issue that we see and read everywhere nowadays.  

Any excess power which is used during the year will be exported back to the National Grid; Mr Eavis informed the eFestival website.  

“We want the festival, and the farm, to be as green as they can be. The solar panels will make a huge contribution towards that,” he said.  

Energy regulator Ofgem revealed last week that the take-up of solar panels has reached record numbers, with homeowners looking to take advantage of the Feed In Tariff. 

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