How do I get started on my home improvement project?


For some of us carrying out home  improvements comes completely naturally and is easily carried out with seemingly no need for any serious planning and consideration. But for the vast majority of us, it can be a much more daunting prospect and each step of the process will need to be planned and organised every step of the way.

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Seeing the finished dream

There is a natural order to carrying out home improvement projects, e.g. you wouldn’t put up wallpaper then plaster the ceiling.  It’s like building strong foundations to carry the item, without them the process does not work.

So here are a few steps that we thought you might like to consider on how to prioritise the process before carrying out any home improvement projects.

1. Can you make the home improvement changes yourself or will you have to ask for specialist assistance?

2. What is your budget for the work to be carried out?  How much do you think the work will cost?  Will you fund the project yourself with your savings or will you need to organise finance? Do you have a contingency fund if the costs over run  and you need a little more money than you anticipated to complete the project?

3.  The changes you would to make, are they realistic? Can you afford to make them or will you have scale back the project? Will it add value to your home?

4. Look around your neighbourhood for inspiration and to see if you can steal any ideas that would work well on your home.

5. Review a number of styles and designs that you like and are within your budget and limitation.

6. Does your project need planning permission?  Will it need to conform to building regulations?  Always check with your local council who will be able to offer the advice you need.

7. What time scale are you working too?  Can other trades provide the services you may need to complete your project if you are unable to do it all yourself?  i.e. electrician, plumber, plasterer etc.

8. If you need guidance and assistance to be able to achieve your project, don’t be frighted to ask for help.

9. Choose the products that best suit your requirements, budget and time scale of the build you need to complete the project.

9. Once your preparations are complete start your home improvement projected.

10. When the build is complete, sit back and enjoy the finished project.

Do you have any other suggestions that you would like to share and that may help others when starting a new project? Send your advice to [email protected]

Happy planning!


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