First Carbon Neutral City

By on 4th August in Home Inspiration

Sadly, it is not a city in the United Kingdom, it is in fact in Southeast Asia, a city called Puerto Princesa in the Phillipines.

Most countries are now looking for ways to lead carbon neutral lives, which is easier said than done, but for this one city in the Phillipines it has become reality. Fr. Jose Villarin, President of Ateneo de Manila University is a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) who set the guidelines for being a carbon neutral city. They have awarded Puerto Princesa with this status to make them the first city in Southeast Asia to be carbon neutral.

To gain the status of being carbon neutral you have to have the city in a state of net zero carbon emissions where the amount of carbon released is equal to the amount of carbon emissions removed.

Puerto Princesa is actually a carbon negative city as it is removing more carbon dioxide than it is producing, which is a great achievement! The green city emits 1,456 kilotonnes (kt) of carbon dioxide, but it removes 1,662 kt of carbon dioxide.

It has managed this as it’s only emissions come from electricity generation and road transportation, with no emissions coming from industrial processes. This is possibly why they have managed to achieve being carbon neutral so easily, along with the fact the city is 64.99 forest. It is going to be much harder for the UK, America and China as they are all big players in the industrial world.

Masdar in Abu Dhabi is a city currently being built to also achieve this status, with it running from renewable energy sources and not allowing carbon emitting vehicles into the city. Instead you have to choose old school methods like walking or new podcars, which are driverless vehicles powered by solar energy and have built in sensors to stop for obstacles. They take you wherever you want to go. Pretty smart and ideal for the little streets of Masdar, which is due to be finished in approximately 5-10 years time.

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